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A bit about us...

In 2014 Alan & Jerry started a search of the market to find the right survey writing software and products to take their own surveying businesses to the next level.

But everything they saw was a disappointment. So they decided that they could do it better by doing it themselves!

Two years of hard work created a system that is simply easier and quicker, delivering the best quality reports on the market.

Skyline is survey writing software created for surveyors and their clients, by surveyors. So we understand your business, your needs, your ambitions.

It's not just a business for Alan & Jerry, it's about caring for the Skyline family. A family of users. A family of products. A family of clients.

So, whether you're a surveyor, home buyer, property professional, house builder, investor or landlord, Skyline will deliver better, clearer information in a straightforward and simple format... and, as the hundreds of Skyline users, and thousands of clients will tell you... it just works!  

Alan Milstein is based in Chichester, West Sussex and trained as a specialist surveyor of listed and historic buildings. As a long-time advocate of higher standards, Alan participates in many industry forums and initiatives associated with surveying and property. A keen runner, Alan has completed a number of marathons and is often found running in the South Downs mud with his dog.
Jerry Quinnell, based near Tunbridge Wells, spent many years in corporate IT data recovery and business continuity before retraining as a surveyor in the early noughties. As well as being the “techspert” behind Skyline, Jerry deigns and maintains online systems for industry groups while enjoying time with his two young daughters and emulating his Tour de France heroes while cycling the lanes of Kent and beyond.

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